Guitar Tuition Room Completed

Guitar Tuition Room

After some tidying up and a sizeable investment, my guitar tuition room is finally finished. Just waiting for my guitar stand to arrive to finish the job.

I bought a music stand, new amplifier (a nice Roland Cube) and plenty of spare strings and plectrums among other things. The big Marshall amp in the background is a relic of my past guitar playing exploits that sadly does not function 100% these days – the overdrive channel doesn’t work anymore, so I’m stuck with the clean channel and that’s no fun for a rocker! Anyway, the Roland Cube (in front of the Marshall) is more than up to the task despite its smaller stature – it’s a cracking little amp.

guitar tuition room

In future posts I will be writing some reviews on the recent equipment I’ve bought, to let you guys know if it’s any good.

Have a look at the Roland Cube 40GX on Amazon:

Roland Cube 40GX Guitar Amp

If you’ve always wanted to learn the guitar have a look at the rest of my website at

I will be giving my first guitar lesson on Thursday. Who knows what the future of rock music holds for that young man – will he become the next Ed Sheeran? Let’s hope so!